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Time & Attendance
Made Simple

Armada helps track time for your hourly and shift workers with ease!

Simplifying and streamlining the time-tracking of your contingent workforce can be completed in just a couple of clicks.

Photo Check-Ins

Check in photos are delivered right to your inbox providing peace of mind that your workers are onsite and ready to go.

Accurate Hours & Billing

Workers check in at the beginning of their shift and check out upon completion on the mobile worker app. Any variance is clarified prior to billing.

Missed Check-In Alerts

Get notified in real time when scheduled workers are not checked in for their shift.

Post Job Recaps

Have your workers record important information and data by having them complete a post job recap upon checking out of their shift.

Geo-tracked Check-Ins

Enjoy the convenience of knowing exactly how far your workers are from the job when they check in for their shift..

No More

The Armada mobile app makes it easy for your workers to check in/out and eliminates the need for timecards.

Armada in Action

“Armada was the perfect solution to help us scale our hourly
workforce during a period of rapid growth."
— Jane R. | Bai

The Staffing Solution That Hits Every Mark

The versatility of Armada knows no bounds—created to be an all-in-one solution for a variety of industries that utilize contingent workforces.

Auto scheduling

Easily post daily, weekly, or custom recurring schedules with one click.

Time & attendance tracking

Geo-tracked check-ins ensure workers are on-site ready to go.

Client Portal

Your clients can login to see their schedule and post new orders.

Overtime calculator

Know when workers approach daily and weekly OT limits.

Total Transparency in One Place

Know exactly which shifts are ready to go and what needs attention with Attendance Predictability.

Armada in Action

“Of all the gig staffing apps available, Armada is the easiest to use,
and their customer service is the best in the industry.”
— Matthew | Worker on Armada

Accurate Time Tracking, Invoicing & More

Check-in photos delivered right to your inbox.

Eligible workers are notified immediately on the mobile app when new opportunities are posted.
  • Rated & reviewed profiles
  • Replacement request tracker
  • Smart-matching A.I.
  • Skill & performance filtering
  • Invite or assign workers
  • Robust, insightful worker history
iPhone X Side View Mockup

Accurate Time Tracking

Your workers can check in and out for any shift right on the mobile app.

  • Text
  • Numeric
  • Yes/No
  • Pictures

Instant Notifications for Schedule Changes

Capture important job data using our custom recap builder. 

  • Text
  • Numeric
  • Yes/No
  • Pictures

Post Job Recaps

Have your workers capture important job information by building a customer recap using different types of questions.

  • Export payroll reports
  • Connect to your favorite payroll provider
  • Cost reports
  • Expected spend forecasting
  • Invoice integration

Armada in Action

“I tried many other staffing software platforms over the years, and Armada is hands-down the best on the market. Vinny and his team understand shift staffing, and it shows.”
— Jeff S. | 5-Hour Energy

More Fantastic Features Available Through Armada’s Comprehensive Scheduling Capabilities

Cost Reports

Companies that use Armada increase their efficiency filling shifts by as much as 300%

Payroll Integration

Grant your clients a login so they can view their orders and submit new staffing requests!

Invoicing Integration

Deploy your mobile workforce of contingent and hourly workers quickly from anywhere!

Frequently asked questions

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