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Your Entire Flexible Workforce in One Place

Filter and search your worker database to find robust, rated profiles for your entire workforce.

Track Your Time and Attendance With Ease

With Armada’s simple attendance and time-tracking software, you’re able to streamline your contingent staffing needs and workflow

With Armada in your wheelhouse, managing your hourly and shift workers couldn’t be easier. The all-inclusive platform allows you to save time, money, and stress with features that revolutionize the entire time and attendance process.

Full Workforce Visibility

Filtered Search

Every workers’ profile comes with a rating, replacement request tracker, professional experience, personal information and more!

Robust Profiles

Every worker profile has ratings from previous jobs and has deep insight into their skills, qualifications, experience, and work history.

Custom Tags

Create and apply Tags to your workers to segment your workforce into very specific groups so you can send more targeted job posts.

Armada in Action

“Armada was the perfect solution to help us scale our hourly
workforce during a period of rapid growth."
— Jane R. | Bai

Total Visibility in One Place

Find your best workers in any city with a few clicks.

Armada in Action

“Of all the gig staffing apps available, Armada is the easiest to use,
and their customer service is the best in the industry.”
— Matthew | Worker on Armada